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Hello world! April 22, 2010

Posted by Sinek in Uncategorized.

I love dreaming. It is in dreams where the most surreal things can happen to you and even if you forget about any “experience” from the dream, it still leaves a nice feeling afterwards. Even nightmares can sometimes be good, although I haven’t really had one in a while.

Strangely enough though, under normal circumstances, I rarely sleep enough. Sometimes, it’s homework, but other times, it’s just because I’m too interested in something that’s happening right then and there. It usually has something to do with surfing the internet…

I’m a blatant procrastinator, but I work hard when I’m really passionate about something, or just when I’m motivated.

I’m quiet, but I have just as many things to say as the next person.

I’m optimistic about life in general, but I have an underlying cynicism.

I’m not athletic, but I can be nimble enough when needed (when my classmates were carefully stepping down a mountain path full of tree roots and rocks, I was jumping from level to level).

I suppose IQ-wise, I’m smart, but I’m extremely naive about worldly things and basic life skills.

I easily adapt to other people’s opinions and I like to go with the flow, but I get extremely riled up inside when somebody insults a value I hold dear.

I’m a human being full of contradictions. But then, aren’t we all?